Hovs Hallar Skåne Sweden.

Went again to another great place to make pictures of the coast in very windy conditions. Had a purpose to shoot with a ND 16 Grey filter to get shots with silky water. The place is called Hovs Hallar and it’s situated between Båstad and Torekov on the Swedish West Coast. It has lots of nice Stone formations to shoot and this time I decided to only shoot black and white. I was alone and didn’t meet anyone else during my stay here this day. The windy weather didn’t bring the hikers that are usually here because it’s a nice place to hike when the weather is good. A bit steep at some places but nice anyway. Also have a restaurant right by the parkinglot which people use to have a meal after the hike. Here is some pictures made this day. Hope You like them.

All the best!


Hovs Hallar in black and white.


Hovs Hallar in black and white.
Hovs Hallar in black and white.
Hovs Hallar in black and white.



Streetshots in Gothenburg.

Spent a weekend in Gothenburg and I brought the camera to try to do some streetshooting. I’m not used to this but it’s quite nice to do something You’re not usually doing. Spent an afternoon walking around in Gothenburg and found some interesting people, streets and objects. Here is some of the pictures I made that day. Most of them in Black and White which I like more and more. Please comment If You like with tips so I can improve my pictures.

Hope all of You readers are good!


_MG_2507-Redigera copy
Statue called Poseidon at Götaplatsen in Gothenburg.
_MG_2480-Redigera copy
Bikes parked under a tree in Gothenburg.
_MG_2486 copy copy
Lonely man in the street.
_MG_2493-Redigera-Redigera-2 copy
Docksides in Gothenburg in sunset.
_MG_2471-Redigera copy
Discussion among fishermen.
_MG_2465 copy
Statue of the poet and singer Evert Taube in Gothenburg.
_MG_2484 copy
Girl climbing a wall in Gothenburg.
_MG_2513-Redigera copy
Full moon in the Gothenburg sky.

Late November!

Hello again!

Been out on some Photo tours both near home and driving around to places I like. Found some late blooming flowers, moss with nice water drops and a creek with lovely autumn colors. The weather has been pretty bad so I haven’t gone out as much as I like to.  We are going in to the high season at work as well so I’m pretty tired when getting home so the weekends is mostly for resting. Here are som pictures made the last couple of weeks. Hope You Like them!

Until next time all the best!


Long exposure shot of a creek in autumn colors.
Macroshot of a late bloomer in November.
Macro shot of water drops on moss an early morning in black and white.
Sunlight breaking the trees a misty morning.


The fall season is here!

The autumn has arrived with a bit chilly mornings but also lovely days when the sky is clear and the sun is up. This is a great time to make pictures with coloured trees and fallen leafs on the ground. This is my first post THIS fall but not the last. I will surely drive around the countryside to find some spots to make fall pictures. I did a short trip to a small nature reserve near home called Målaskog. Beechwood forest starting to get that nice colored leafs but there are not there yet. Give it a couple of weeks and they will. I did some pictures at this place walking around in the woods all by myself. You have to be patient, more pictures will follow in the following weeks. Hope You like these as a start!

Hope You all are good!!!

Until next time!


Beechwood forest still a bit green.
Sun is breaking the trees and makes the grass a bit golden.
The lonely cottage.
On the way to the ground.
Bench full of fallen leafs.

Holiday in Prague!

Hello again!

Spent 5 nights in the wonderful city of Prague during our 4 weeks of holiday. And what a lovelly 5 nights this was. This was our first visit to this city and we where not dissapointed. Heard a lot about Prague from people that has spent time here and everyone told us that it is a very nice Town to visit. And it really was. You all know that I like to make Pictures so I started it of with a phototour joining ”Johnnys Prague photo tours” on the first days really early morning. And this was time very well spent. Met ”Johnny” at 5 a Clock in the morning and he knew where to go to make Pictures in Prague. Had a lovelly morning with him so if You are going to Prague to make Pictures google to find his site, it’s worth every penny! A lot of nice churches and a visit to the Jewish quarters was also interesting.

One day we took the 5 hour tour to the former Jewish ghetto at Theresienstadt. Kept by the nazis as a transitstation Before the inmates where shipped to the Concentration camps mainly in the east. An interesting tour to find out about the terrible period in our history not that long ago. Made a lot of Pictures all over Prague and here comes a small selection of what we did in this nice Town and on the tour.

All the best until next time!


Corridor of cells at Theresienstadt where the inmates had to live in terrible conditions.
Lift to the top inside the Astronomic Clock Tower
Sun breaking through a statue on the Charles bridge.
The Love caplock in a fence. One of MANY!
Metro train arriving at Mustek station.
Prague Castle in evening light.
Girl reading by a fountain.
Prague tour.
Gardener at the cementary in Theresienstadt.
The Church.
The Church called Lady Before Tyn in evening light.
The Jewish cementary in the Jewish quarters of Prague.
Man passing the gate with the open window above.
Prague tour.
”Livingroom” for the inmates at Theresienstadt.
Some of the bridges of Prague. The second one is the famous Charles Bridge.
Charles bridge in evening light with a passing boat. The blue light in the Picture.
Prauge Castle in sunset.
The half head. Statue in honor to the victims of communism in Prague.
Maria passing the ”John Lennon wall”.
Maria walking in tree ally.
The Charles Bridge panorama.
Panorama over the Charles Bridge made of 6 Pictures.
The Charles Bridge.
Long exposure shot of the Charles Bridge early in the morning.
The Church called Lady Before Tyn with the Prague Castle in the background. Picture made from the Astronomic Clock Tower.
The Astronomic Clock.

Carl von Linne’ and Huseby bruk.

Hi again!

Went for a trip to where the World famous botanist Carl von Linne’ used to live and to his garden at Möckelnsnäs and finished off at Huseby bruk outside Växjö Sweden. In this post there will be a lot of flowers and some Buildings  both from Råshult where Carl von Linne’ was born and Huseby bruk. Hope You like some of them.

All the best and hope You have a great summer!

Until next time.


At the garden of Carl von Linne’ at Möckelnsnäs.
Wild strawberry at Råshult where Carl von Linne’ was born 1707.
At the garden off Carl von Linne’ at Möckelnsnäs.
At the garden off Carl von Linne’ at Möckelnsnäs.
At the garden off Carl von Linne’ at Möckelnsnäs.
At the garden off Carl von Linne’ at Möckelnsnäs.
Huseby bruk.
View of Huseby bruk.
Råshult,birthplace of Carl von Linne’.
Old fence at Råshult.
Old house at Råshult with a grassroof.

Öland island!

Spent a couple of days on the wonderful island of Öland, a bridge ride over the water from Kalmar in Sweden. This is another favourite places of mine to drive around and make pictures of many different objects. Now in springtime the orchids start to bloom at different places around the island. The island also includes the world heritage site called ”Alvaret” where you can stop and just walk around to find plenty of nice things. I started my journey by driving to the northern parts of the island where there are some nature reserves worth visiting. My favourite is the ”woods of magic” (Trollskogen) which got a lot of strange looking pine trees shaped by the wind for many years. The island also got a lot of places that got stone formations from very old ages, also includes old remains from forts used many many years ago. There is also a lot of windmills placed al over the island. In the south is Ottenby,a very famous place for bird watching, also nice to take a walk here. Here is some pictures from this trip from all over the island of Öland. Enjoy and hope You like.

Hope you’re good!


The old cross in sunset at Kapelludden on the east coast of Öland
Sunset at the old chapel at Kapelludden on the east coast of Öland.
Bird in flight outside the coast at Kapelludden Öland.
Small fishing huts at Kapelludden.
The old cross and chapel at Kapelludden.
The grave field at Gettlinge. Dates back to the bronze age.
Windmill in sunlight at Gettlinge grave field.
Windmill and an early purple orchid at Gettlinge grave field.
Wind hurt pine trees at the ”forest of magic” (Trollskogen) in the north part of Öland.
Also wind hurt pine trees but this one in colour.
An old wreck that lies on the coastline inside the nature reserve of ”the forest of magic” Trollskogen.
Sunlight through the oak at Rönnerum nature reserve.
Early purple orchid at Rönnerum nature reserve.
Burnt tip orchid inside Rönnerum nature reserve.